Matched Betting – Tax Free, Risk Free Money

I was introduced to Matched Betting by my Brother who was funding his globe trotting lifestyle entirely by matched betting on about 10 hours per week.

If you live in the UK or Australia this is a tax free, risk free guaranteed income opportunity you shouldn’t pass up.

There is approximately 2500 pounds of sign-up offers currently available in the UK and you could make 500 pounds a month thereafter completing existing customer promotions.

What is matched betting?

The profit in matched betting comes from taking advantage of the bookie’s sign-up and existing customer promotional offers, typically ranging between 10-200 pounds in the UK.

It’s important to realize that matched betting IS NOT gambling.

You profit by retaining as much value from the free bet as possible, by both betting for (back bet) and against (lay bet) the same event. With the lay bet you act as the bookie on a betting exchange.

There is no risk, and depending on how close the odds on the 2 bets are, you take a small qualifying loss to access the free bet, and then attempt to get as much of the free bet as possible.

Using a matched betting service allows you to find closely matched bets very quickly and the same services offer calculators to tell you exactly how much to lay at the exchange to extract as much money as possible.

You are guaranteed to WIN tax free money with NO RISK.

Matched Betting Services

I wholeheartedly recommend using a matched betting service, they will greatly speed up your learning of the skills required, offer comprehensive how-to guides, calculators and odds matching software. Your profit-per-hour will be greatly increased.

Because matched betting IS NOT gambling, it’s about maximizing your potential profit and that is done much quicker, easier and more effectively using the services reviewed below.

You can read my reviews on and subscribe to my favourite services in the UK market below:



  • Profit Accumulator Review – coming soon

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What are you waiting for? Go and earn some money matched betting.